~~NOTOC~~ ====== Dances ====== Although the Hounds originally learned [[morris:border|border morris]] from Lake Effect Morris in Rochester (defunct), who taught us traditional collected dances, we've moved on and no longer perform any of these. In 1996, when we first became a full-time border team, we had already been performing a good number of dances obtained from two prominent English border morris revival teams, the [[http://www.shropshirebedlams.co.uk/|Shropshire Bedlams]] and [[http://www.redstagsmorris.org/|Red Stags]]. Today, most of our repertoire consists of dances that we have creatively remembered ("we make 'em up"). Our own dances, in turn, are danced by other teams in the United States, Canada and England. ((Other teams' dance notes are linked at the bottom of the "[[morris:border#sources_of_border_morris_dance_notation_on_the_web|What is Border Morris]]?" page.)) ===== Active Repertoire ===== We define this list as dances we've performed in the past five years. Every season, we select 8 or so dances to work on and highlight. We may not be actively practicing the rest of them, but they generally stay in the mix. As for the dances that we've learned from other teams, they are, to varying degrees, similar to how they were originally performed. In a few cases, encouraged by the source team, we have made modifications that might make intermingling our sets in mass dances, shall we say, interesting. * [[dances:alexandra_park|Alexandra Park Road Stick Dance, N.22.5]] (New St. George) * [[dances:belligerent_bluejay|Belligerent Bluejay]] (Hounds) * [[dances:cuckoos_nest|The Cuckoo's Nest]] (Hounds) * [[dances:darwins_revenge|Darwin's Revenge]] (Hounds) * [[dances:dawley|Dawley]] (Shropshire Bedlams/Red Stags) * [[dances:drunken_idiot|The Drunken Idiot]] (Hounds) * [[dances:five_in_a_bed|Five In A Bed]] (Red Stags) * [[:dances:four_lanes_end|Four Lanes End]] (Shropshire Bedlams) * [[dances:i_can_hew|I Can Hew]] (Hounds) * [[dances:just_in_time|Just In Time]] (Hounds) * [[dances:morningstar|Morningstar]] (Hounds) * [[dances:mr_dolly|Mr Dolly]] (Red Stags) * [[dances:northern_star|Northern Star]] (Hounds) * [[dances:northumberland_gypsy|Northumberland Gypsy]] (Hounds) [[:videos:gypsy_prisoner|{{:morris:icon_video.gif|video available}}]] * [[dances:northumberland_musketeers|Northumberland Musketeers]] (Hounds) * [[dances:ockington|Ockington]] (Ockington Morris) [[:videos:ockington|{{:morris:icon_video.gif|video available}}]] * [[dances:prisoner|The Prisoner]] (Red Stags) [[:videos:gypsy_prisoner|{{:morris:icon_video.gif|video available}}]] * [[dances:ring_o_bells|Ring O' Bells]] (Hounds) * [[dances:southern_cross|Southern Cross]] (Hounds) * [[dances:titterstone_clee|Titterstone Clee]] (Red Stags) * [[dances:weobley_handclap|Weobley Handclap Dance]] (Red Stags) ===== Not Active ===== With new dances coming into our repertoire, there are a few dances that fell away and are no longer practiced. * [[dances:hunt_the_snark|Hunt the Snark]] (Hounds) * [[dances:morning_glory|Morning Glory]] (Red Stags) * [[dances:not_a_banana|Not a Banana]] (Hounds) * [[dances:weobley_hanky|Weobley Hanky Dance]] (Red Stags) ===== Other Border Dances ===== Performed as the occasion demands. These were never officially in our repertoire but are dances we've, individually or collectively, worked on and have even performed. Notes are, therefore, sketchy or missing. * Blake's Seven (Red Stags) * [[:dances:dilwyn|Dilwyn]] (traditional) * [[:dances:weobley_stick_dance|Weobley Stick Dance]] (Red Stags) * [[:dances:woodhouse_bog|Woodhouse Bog]] (The Ironmen) ===== Cotswold Dances ===== Obligatory processionals, recessionals, and mass dances. We promise approximation rather than precision in our performance of these. * [[dances:balance_the_straw|Balance the Straw]] (Fieldtown) * [[dances:bonny_green_garters|Bonnie Green Garters]] (Bampton) * [[dances:step_back|Step Back]] (Fieldtown) * [[dances:soldier_o_processional|Soldier O Processional]] (Minnesota Traditional Morris) * Winster Processional ===== Tunes ===== Tunes for our dances are available as a [[http://bassett-street-hounds.org/abc/tunes.pdf|PDF tunebook]] and as an [[http://bassett-street-hounds.org/abc/tunes.abc|ABC file]]. ===== Workshops ===== Our dance fore, Mike Miller, has traveled around the country over the years giving border morris workshops. Usually, he tries to combine these with his business travel, but he's an accommodating guy. <html><a href="/contact/" title="Contact Us!">Contact Mike</a></html> if you would to have him teach a workshop in your town. ===== Share and Enjoy ===== <html><a rel="license" href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/us/" target="_blank"><img alt="Creative Commons License" style="border-width:0" src="/files/images/creative_commons/88x31.png" align="right" style="margin: 6px;" /></a>This <span xmlns:dc="http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/" href="http://purl.org/dc/dcmitype/Text" rel="dc:type">work</span> by the <a xmlns:cc="http://creativecommons.org/ns#" href="http://bassett-street-hounds.org/" property="cc:attributionName" rel="cc:attributionURL">Bassett Street Hounds</a> is licensed under a <a rel="license" href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/us/" target="_blank">Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License</a>. </html> This just means that you are welcome to perform and modify any of our dances, but we would like them to be attributed to us and to the individual authors who composed them, if that information is provided. Any dances that your team derives from ours, even if substantial modified, should also be made available under the same Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. We cannot specify the licensing terms of dances we've learned from other teams, but our practice has been to share them similarly to how we share our own and to link back to the original versions whenever possible. All copyrights belong to the original authors.