Tune: Not For Joe as A(A2B)3A (B) (A=sticking, B=figures) with the A section played very softly for the first sticking, loud for the second and B repeated as required for the dance off.

T:Dilwyn, with chords
T:Tune: Not for Joe
Z:Brian Martin <brian_martin12345@yahoo.com> Winterbourn Downs Morris  (rcvd Jan 2003)
Z:abc-edited-by Bill Owens, June 24, 2014
Z:abc-modified-by Maria Hosmer-Briggs, June 14, 2014, to resemble the Bassett Street Hounds version
%%text OTY is A part or song
"1st pp, 2nd ff" \
"G"D2 GG D2 GG | "D"F2 E2 F2 E2 | "G"D2 GG D2 GG |  "D"F2 G2 A4 |
"G"D2 GG D2 GG | "D"F2 E2 F2 E2 | "C"D4 "D"B3 A | "C"G2 "D"F2 "G"G4 ||
"G"B3 A  G2 B2 | "C"c4 "D"A4 | "G"B3 A  "D"G2 B2 | "C"A2 F2 "D"D4 |
"G"B3 A  G2 B2 | "C"c4 "D"A2 c2 | "G"B2 G2 "D"A2 F2 | "G"G2 "D"B2 "G"G4 |]

Song: Optionally sung in place of Once to Yourself:

"G"G2  G2  "D"DD  DD | "C"E2  "D"E2  "G"DD  DD  |
w:My friend Bil-ly had a ten foot wil-lie and he
"G"GG  GG  "C"A2  "D"F2 | "G"G6  "D"D2 |
w:showed it to the girl next door. She
"G"GG  GG  "D"D2  D2 | "C"EE  EE  "D"D2  D2 |
w:thought it was a snake and hit it with a rake and
"G"GG  GG  "D"A2  F2 | "G"G8 |]
w:now it's on-ly five foot four.

Formation: Two facing lines, single short sticks.

Figures: Once to Yourself or Song, Chorus, Crossing over, Chorus, Back-to-back, Chorus, Crossing over, Chorus, Rounds and back, Dance out

Crossing over: Pass your partner by right shoulders and strike forehand, continue beyond the set, then turn back in (4 counts), return to your partner's position (4 counts), pass your partner by the right and strike forehand as you cross the set on beat 9, continue beyond the set on your own side (4 counts), turn back in and return to place for the beginning of the chorus.

Rounds end with following the leader out rather than a final chorus.

Distinctive Figure (chorus): | FH - FH - | FH,FH,FH - | (4x quietly, then 4x raucously)