Northumberland Gypsy & The Prisoner

Here are two dances, Northumberland Gypsy and The Prisoner that the Bassett Street Hounds performed at the Westcott Street Cultural Fair on September 21, 2008. Intended for non-morris dancing followers of his blog, Scott Nicholson gives a nice overview of our dances and border morris.

Source: Scott Nicholson @ YouTube

Ockington Stick Dance

The Bassett Street Hounds perform their version of the Ockington Stick Dance on May Day (2011-05-01) in downtown Syracuse.

Source: Tom Keays @ YouTube

Scott Nicholson on Why I Do Morris Dancing

This is from Scott Nicholson's ongoing video blog, “Scott's Stuff”. Mostly he talks about board games and libraries, but he has several videos about morris dancing and the Hounds.

Source: Scott Nicholson @ YouTube

Julia Schult on What Is Morris Dancing

This video was put together in 2004 for multimedia course at Hamilton College. It is a nice overview of the different kinds of morris dancing and related customs.

Source: Julia Schult @ YouTube