Morris Kit

Kit. As in “the old kit bag”. This is what morris dancers call their costume. Each team's kit is distinctive but with certain features in common.

Karin Modeling Hounds Kit

The Hounds kit consists of

  • rag coat (or tatter coat)
  • white shirt
  • white trousers
  • floral (garish) cabbie cap
  • ribbon covered bell pads
  • black shoes

Other clothing optional.


  • Hankies, 18“ square is good
  • Short sticks
  • Long sticks
  • Beer mug

Our rag coat is worth mentioning: we use old lab coats to which we sew strips of cloth so that the coat is pretty densely covered. You really don't want to get these wet. [Can you say heavy? I knew you could.]

Some people may remember us by another kit that we wore from 1985 - 1996 when we danced as a men's Cotswold morris side. Then, instead of (and near the end, in addition to) the rag coat, we wore a royal blue vest (“waistcoat” as the English call them) with armbands of blue, yellow and white ribbons.