Dog Days Ale 2020

July 31 - August 2

The 2020 Dog Days Ale is "On Paws"

For epidemiological reasons, it will not be practical to host a physical, in-person Ale this year. However, we will hold a Virtual Ale! It will take place on Zoom.

Our plans for the virtual, free Dog Days Ale (July 31-August 2) are coming along! Here are some things to know.

By Invitation Only

We’re trying to make this event as much like the in-person Dog Days Ale as possible. So we’re inviting only the teams that we originally invited. You don’t need to have a full side to participate; strays are welcome, as are your family members.

Registration Opened July 1

Please register by July 25.

The registration form became available on July 1. This form will give you the chance to sign up for the Ale, to indicate interest in various event, and to indicate interest in volunteering to help. Volunteer roles will include Zoom moderators, so think about whether that’s something you’d like to do.

Registration is by invitation only. We have sent a link to the registration form to the Squires of invited teams. If you haven't seen it, ask your Squire.

Submit Videos To Share

We’d love to receive videos from each team so that we can share them with ale participants. We’re hoping you can send 1 show dance video. You’re also welcome to send 1 “fun” video (for example, a skit). Strays are also welcome to submit videos of either type.

There Are Shirts and Buttons

Susan Galbraith has designed a lovely (and timely) shirt, and Julie Schult an awesome button and other swag.

Shirt orders closed at midnight Monday July 13. Sorry, too late now! No exceptions possible!

Oh, wait. It turns out it's still possible to get one-off shirts printed, at a higher price and with a more limited range of color and style options. Contact us for details.

For Buttons and other swag, orders must be placed by Sun. July 19 in order to receive them before the Ale! That's a soft deadline – you can still order swag later, if you don't care when it arrives.

Information on Shirts, Buttons, and other Swag is here.

There Will Be Singing and Some Dancing

Unfortunately, Zoom has too much time delay for simultaneous singing in unison and harmony, so it's really more of a song swap. Participants use the Chat function to request a turn. A Moderator directs traffic. The person leading a song has their microphone on. All others are muted, and free to sing along. This is admittedly not as good as singing together in person, and yet it can be surprisingly satisfying.

Dancing will be heavily weighted toward jigs, naturally. Choose your own camera angle! (Personally, I prefer to set up such that nobody can see my feet.) We, i.e. certain Ale attendees, will provide the music.

Ale Schedule

We think this schedule has been finalized, but we reserve the right to make necessary adjustments on the fly. Check here for the most up-to-date information.

Descriptions and Schedule of events is here.

The same information in Google Calendar format is here.

The 2020 Dog Days Ale Show Dances and Entertainments video will make its premiere on Youtube Saturday, August 1 at 10 a.m. and will be publicly viewable thereafter. Attend the premiere with other Ale attendees — you can chat on Zoom while watching the video on YouTube. You can reach the video from the link below:

Show Dances and Entertainments


We regret not being able to feed you all at this year's Ale. However, we are happy to provide



We know you will miss certain aspects of the Porta-Potties, so we have provided for your entertainment and edification,

Virtual Porta-Potties!

With the help of your portable web-enabled device, you can take our Porta-Potties with you wherever you go!


You can also play

Virtual Ale Bingo!

After registration has closed, links to the two Zoom Room venues, “Campfire” and “Big Tent”, will be emailed to all registrants.

Past Ales

See the complete list of past Ales to get an idea what this event is (normally) about.