Come to a Practice

As you watch the morris, keep one thing in mind: We are having more fun than you are. We dance because it helps us keep active and in shape; because we like being a part of the worldwide community of morris dancers; because it satisfies our need, and the need of our audiences, for tradition and celebration; and, mainly, because it's so much fun, it shouldn't be legal.

If you're in reasonable physical shape, have a decent sense of rhythm, and are willing to practice, we can make a morris dancer out of you. Our dances are easy to learn and new comers are always welcome. If you start in the fall or early winter, you'll probably be ready for public performances in the coming spring. Practices in the winter months are especially good for new comers since we are able to spend more time teaching dances than we can during the height of our summer performance season. Musicians are welcome as well.

Practice Time & Location

We practice every Monday evening at 7:00pm in the upstairs multi-purpose room at the Westcott Community Center located at the corner of Euclid and Westcott Streets in Syracuse. (See map for location)

If you have ever considered trying morris dancing, NOW would be an excellent time to check out one of our practices.

Call or email Mike to confirm the practice time and place.


Scott Nicholson on Why I Do Morris Dancing

This is from Scott Nicholson's ongoing video blog, “Scott's Stuff”. Mostly he talks about board games and libraries, but he has several videos about morris dancing and the Hounds.

Source: Scott Nicholson @ YouTube