Weobley Handclap Dance

(See also original notation from Red Stags)

T:Weobley Handclap Dance
T:Tune: Jack Off the Green
R:single jig
H:A variant of the tune in John Kirkpatrick's "Opus Pocus"
H:Used a tune for Red Stags Morris' "Weobley Handclap Dance"
C:William Preece.
W:There was a young woman / As fine as ever was seen
W:And with an old broomstick / She knocked Jack off the green
D | G2 G AGA | B2 B Bcd | G2 G AGA | B3 B2 A | 
    G2 G AGA | B2 B Bcd | e3 dBG | A3 G3 |] 
d3 g3 | f2 e B3 | e2 f g2 g | a2 g e2 f | g2 g gfe | d2 c B3 |
e2 e efe |\
d2 c (B3 B3) A3 |\
G2 G AGA | B2 B Bcd | e3 dBG | A3 G3 |]