Vandals of Adderbury

Starting from the well-known Vandalls of Hammerwich, a traditional Lichfield dance, the members of Heartwood Morris in Ithaca, NY developed this dance for groups of three.

Source: Based on the Vandalls of Hammerwich from Lichfield by way of Adderbury, developed as an early part of the Ithaca-on-Hemp tradition by Julie Schult, Peter Hoover and Andrew Marcus.

Tune: Vandals of Hammerwich (traditional) as A(AB2)4.

X: 5
T:Vandals of Adderbury
S:Bacon and The Morris Ring
Z:abc-edited-by Bill Owens, June 2, 2015
Z: abc-edited-by Maria Hosmer-Briggs, July 6, 2015
| DGBG |DGBc | d2d>e| dcAF |
DGBG |DGBc | dcAF | G2 G2 |
| DGBG |DGBc | d2d>e| dcAF |
DGBG |DGBc | dcAF | G2 |
|: Bc | d2d>e | d2 d d | egfe | edd>e |
dcc>d | cBB>c | dcAF |1 G2 :|2 G2 G2 |

Formation: A triangular set of three, point away from the musicians.

M             P
 M == Musicians
 S == Squire
 A == anti-Squire
 P == Point

Stepping: Double step (x2), Single step (x2), Foot together jump. Note on stepping in figures: the music for the second half of the figures is short by two beats. The dancers accommodate this by leaving out one single step. Therefore, the first half is: DS, DS, SS SS, FTJ and the second half is: DS, DS, S, FTJ.

Figures: Once to yourself, Foot up and up, Chorus, Half gyp, Chorus, Hands Around, Chorus, Hey, Chorus.

Foot up and up: Start in the triangle formation, all facing the musicians with sticks held up in the center. FTJ and clash all three sticks together on the last beat of the OTY music. Maintain the same shape while dancing towards the musicians on the first double step, in place on the second, backing on the single steps and clashing on the FTJ, then repeat.

Half gyp: The Squire faces the center of the triangle and the anti-Squire and Point face in line opposite, and all three do a Half gyp (the squire dances forwards solo, between the other two). Repeat with the anti-Squire going between. Stepping is as for Foot up and up.

Hands Around: Take right hands and turn the group forwards (clockwise) on the first double step, in place on the second, and back to place forwards on the single steps, clashing on the FTJ. Repeat with left hands.

Hey: Squire and anti-Squire back away from each other on the first double step and Point begins a hey passing right shoulders with the anti-Squire. Continue for a full hey, double-stepping throughout. End with FTJ and clash.

Chrous/Distinctive Figure: Point clashes with anti-Squire on beat 1, Squire on beat 3, then pass around: Point with anti-Squire on 5, anti-Squire and Squire on 6, Squire and Point on 7. On beat 8 all turn left shoulder into the set and drop the top of the stick into left hand, then side-step right out of the set, left back in, two plain capers facing into the set and clash. Repeat for the second half of the music. Finish the final chorus by turning right shoulders into the set and holding the final clash.

Demonstration video: Heartwood Morris dancing Vandals of Adderbury in 2011 at the Sompting Village Morris Ale