Highland Mary

This dance is represented in several of the Cotswold traditions; we've chosen Bampton as our version.

Source: Traditional

Tune: Highland Mary (Bampton)

T:Highland Mary
Z:Modified by WCO from the Morris Ring's Bampton version, originally from Bacon
Z:abc-edited-by Maria Hosmer-Briggs, July 6, 2015
D2|:G2 AG FE D2|G2 AB c2 Bc |d3 e dcBA|1 G2 B2 D2 EF:|2 G2 F2 G2||
D2 | GABc d2 d2|eddB  c2 Bc|d3 e dcBA| G2 B2 D2 EF|
G2 AG FE D2|G2 AB c2 Bc |d3 e dcBA|G2 F2 G2||

Bampton figures: Foot up (and down), Chorus, Half gyp, Chorus, Whole gyp, Chorus, Half Rounds (and back)

Rounds is halfway and back - flip after the single steps and back up steps along the rounds direction, then half caper and move forward in the other direction, flipping again before backing to original place with caper. (Local variations have the flip in various places; as long as you keep moving in the same direction, timing of flip is variable.)

Distinctive Figure (chorus): DS up, slightly left, bending forward and gesturing with both hankies DS in place (facing up) hankies flick upwards Turn over R shoulder and repeat facing down Half Hey (Bampton style) (repeat all to return to place)