Darwin's Revenge

Source: Written in 2009 by Mike Miller (Bassett Street Hounds) and inspired, in part, by the Kirtlington hey seen in dances performed by Forest City Morris at the 2009 Lilac Sunday in Boston.

Tune: Barbarini's Tambourine as (A2B)5 (A=figures, B=sticking)

We needed music with 12 bars for the chorus and this English dance tune fit the bill.

X: 1
T: Darwin's Revenge
T: Tune: Barbarini's Tambourine
R: reel
B: Barnes 2nd ed.
N: Transposed from D
Q: 1/8=150
M: 2/4
L: 1/16
P: A
Bc | d2G2 G2G2 | G2A2 A2B2 | cBAB cBAG | A2D2 D2Bc|
d2G2 G2G2 | G2A2 A2B2 | cBAB cBAG | A6 :|
P: B
FG | A2D2 D2D2 | D6 GA | B2E2 E2E2 | E6 AB |
c2F2 F2Bc | d2G2 G2cd | e2c2 f2d2 | g2fe d2c2 |
B2AG A2GF | G2FE D2C2 | B,2G2 A,2F2 | G6 |]

Formation: 6 dancers in 2 lines of 3, each dancer with 1 long stick.

Sequence: Once to Yourself, Chorus, Star of David, Chorus, Paisley Star and Beans, Chorus, Boxing Hey, Chorus, Sextipus, Chorus.