Dog Days Ale Check In and Site Information

Check-in on Friday night will be from 5:30 p.m. – 8-ish. Snacks will be available from 5:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. on Friday night. Late check-in will be from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. on Saturday.

Everyone should stop by the registration table under the dining canopy when you arrive at camp to find out where to pitch your tent, as well as say hello, receive important communications about the ale, get a snack, etc.

In addition, we're asking each team to designate one person to act as liaison for payments, official check-in, and distribution of buttons and t-shirts. We will give this person a registration packet to be handed out to the rest of the team. This person should be ready, willing and able to pay all outstanding balances (if there are any) on behalf of your team at time of pickup.

There will be a signup sheet at registration asking for volunteers for some small jobs, which the ale czars would greatly appreciate your team's help with. This is a great way to meet new people! We thank you in advance for your help with these volunteer jobs. You help us make the ale the wonderful event it is!

Directions To Ale Campsite

The Ale camp is based, as in past years, at Peter and Peggy's Stone Fence Farm, just south-west of Trumansburg, NY.

Directions to the camp site See: Directions to the camp site

5785 Rumsey Rd.
Trumansburg, NY 14886

Site Information

This is a camping ale, so be sure to bring a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, flashlight, bug spray, etc. You won't need any cooking gear as all meals are provided.

Our host Peggy Haine is graciously providing almost complete run of the property for the duration of the Ale. We will be camping on their land. We will erect a large tent and will set up tables and chairs for meals and as a place to congregate should there be rain. We have use of the cider house as a cooking facility. There is limited access to electricity on the grounds except in the cooking area and sauna, but the dining tent will be lit. Ale participants may use the sauna in the evening along with its wood stove-fired shower. Such luxury!

If anyone prefers swimming in Cayuga Lake to Stone Fence Farm Pond, Saturday driving directions for after the last stand and before dinner include an optional route from your last stand to Taughannock Falls State Park on Cayuga Lake in Trumansburg ($8 per vehicle car park fee).

Site Rules

Our host is graciously providing almost complete run of their property. However, some restrictions do apply. We are asking the following of all Ale participants.

  • Please park along Rumsey Road, on the side closest to the house. Large farm machines occasionally need to use the road and they can't get by otherwise.
  • We need to keep the driveway clear, although parking in the driveway for the purposes of unloading is fine.
  • Remember that despite this being the Hounds' Dog Days Ale, no actual dogs or other pets are allowed on the premises, except pets of our esteemed host.
  • The interior of our host's house is off-limits, except for emergencies. Check first with the Site Czar, Mike Miller.
  • Consume alcoholic beverages only if you are aged 21 or older per New York State law.
  • Please supervise your children. Supervision can either be by the parent or by some other designated adult. Although the ale site is located in a safe area with low vehicular traffic, there are some intrinsically dangerous aspects of the site.
  • Children under the age of twelve need to be supervised at all times in the following areas.
    • Near the road
    • Near (or in) the pond (see site information)
    • In the sauna
    • At the campfire
  • Those between age 12 and 17 must have a “buddy” over 12 with them when swimming.