Sellenger's Round

The local morris teams use Sellenger's Round (or The Beginning of the World) for the May Pole dance. The tune's source is John Playford's Dancing Master, 1651-1728. Pretty much any similar dance tune would probably work, but this is the one we customarily use.

X: 1
T: Sellenger's Round
T: The Beginning of the World
O: England
R: jig
N: This tune has changed considerably since Playford's time.
N: Playford, 3rd edition (1657)
N: Karpeles & Schofield p.17 (in C), p.50 (in D)
N: Barnes (in C)
Z: 1997 by John Chambers <>
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: D
z | "A7"A3 A>Bc | "D"d3 d>ef | "G"e2d "A7"c>Bc | "D"d3- d>cB |
"A7"A3 A>Bc | "D"d3 d>ef | "G"e2d "A7"c>Bc | "D"d3- d2 |]
|: e | "D(Bm)"f3 f>ed | "A(Em)"e3- e2d | "A"c>de e>dc | "G"B3 "A7"e2c |
"G"d>ed "A7"c2A | "G"B>cd "A7"c2A | "Bm"B2A "E7"^G>FG | "A"A3- A2 :|