Ale Registration Information

Please note these important deadlines:

  • Registration data and T-shirt orders are due May 16.
  • Ale fees and T-shirt fees are due May 23.

Ale Fees (due May 23)

Julia will send the squire of your team, a list of the shirt orders that were placed along with the amount still due for registration fees. Please send us a check (made out to “Bassett Street Hounds”) that covers both of these fees for your whole team. Remember to subtract your team’s $100 deposit, if you paid one. To avoid late fees, please make sure the check arrives no later than May 23.

If received by May 23

  • $55 adults, full ale
  • $3/year age 18 and under, full ale

If received after May 23

  • $65 adults, full ale
  • $3/year age 18 and under

Sent Payment To

  • Julia Wittner
    219 Wellington Rd.
    Dewitt, NY 13214

Registration Data (due May 16)

By May 16, please tell us:

  • The names of everyone who will be attending this year’s ale, and their ages (if 18 or younger).
  • Names of those with food allergies or other food restrictions. (We will do our best to reasonably accommodate these needs and will post a menu with ingredients list. From that, people can decide if they need to supply their own food. The menus for this year’s Dog Day’s Ale are available at:
  • Any tour restrictions (e.g., do you need to tour with a particular team, etc.). The tour schedule will be on our website in early June.

T-shirt Orders (due May 16)

This year’s ale shirt, expertly designed by Susan Galbraith, honors the Green Man.

The deadline for placing t-shirt orders online was May 16. You can email Susan Galbraith at to learn whether the printer has already ordered the blank shirts. If you are lucky, it may still be possible to squeak in with your late order.

As always, we will order a few extra short-sleeved shirts in L and XL. Those extras are usually sold by the end of breakfast on Saturday. We will not order any additional shirts after the event. Plan accordingly!