Ale Webpage Links

This is mainly for the Hounds, to remember what links we need to send to our guests. No harm in anyone looking though.

Main Web Page

This should have the list of performers, announcements, links to the other Ale pages (time dependent), and the public schedule. In its final form, will only have list of performers, public schedule, t-shirt front artwork, and links to past ales. I'm trying to simplify the updating process and, instead of having a single page where we add and remove a succession of different content sections, most of this will be accomplished by a “Links for Ale Attendees” section. The only static sections would then be the “Watch this Space” introduction, “List of Performers”, and “Tour Schedule”. Obviously, these would be phased in as more information becomes available during the invitation, registration, and checkin phases leading up to the ale.

Registration Phase

The main webpage needs to link to these pages. The shirts page has the order form until the pre-order deadline passes. The registration page is revised with appropriate deadlines and ale fees.

Site Information Phase

The registration page link is removed from the main webpage and site, directions, and tour links put in its place. Menus and shirts links stay up, but the shirt page only has the design. The public schedule goes live once the tour information is set.

Post Ale

After the Ale, the “Links for Ale Attendees” section with its links to all supporting pages can be removed. The final form of the page would the public tour schedule and list of performers. Interim, we would have a thank you message to attendees and lost & found, if necessary.

Page Includes

Furniture for the Ale web pages – i.e., page snippets that can be embedded on other pages. For example, by including the contact snippet, you can change the contact person's name everywhere on the site instead of having to update individual pages. Because these are intended to be embedded rather than standing alone as pages, they use <h2> headings.

  • Contact Us – embed as {{page>:ale:contact&noeditbtn&nofooter}}
  • Invitation Czar – embed as {{page>:ale:invitation_czar&noeditbtn&nofooter}}
  • Past Ales List – embed as {{page>:ale:past-ales&noeditbtn&nofooter}}
  • Photos – embed as {{page>:ale:photos&noeditbtn&nofooter}}
  • Past Ales Footer – embed as {{page>:ale::ale-list&noeditbtn&nofooter}}