This Ale’s T-shirt is Susan Galbraith‘s compilation of her designs from previous Ales.

For the first — and probably the only — time, the shirts will be digitally printed. Pricing and ordering are also different from our usual system; we expect to go back to the “old normal” when we are able to resume in-person Ales.

This year the printer will ship the shirts directly. To save on shipping, you may want to combine orders with people who live near you.

Shirt orders closed at midnight on July 13. This date is a hard deadline that was chosen so shirts can be delivered before the Ale. No shirt orders can be submitted after July 13, and the Hounds will not be ordering any extras this year.

This link provides detailed information about the shirts. Read it first, as it provides information that will be helpful in placing an order. The shirt order form at shows the styles, colors, and prices available. Note that, despite the descriptions on the order form, the fiber content is not obvious and is not provided on the form.

Buttons and Other Swag

The Official Ale Button and other items with the On Paws logo are here:

These and some additional Dog Days Ale mementos are at the Bassett Street Hounds' Zazzle Store: