Dog Days Ale 2018

July 6 - 8

The Dog Days Ale will be held from July 6 - 8 in the heart of New York State’s Finger Lakes Wine Trail district.

We will be camping once again on team member Peter Hoover’s property in Trumansburg, New York, about 10 miles northwest of Ithaca. This site, a lovely farm and orchard with plenty of room for camping, has been Morris-tested for the past 19 years as the base camp of our Dog Days Ale. It boasts a mind-melting sauna, a guaranteed fine campfire, gorgeous scenery, and plenty of very fresh air.

We expect to take advantage of the area’s abundance of wineries, brewpubs and state parks. There is a swimmable pond at the campsite and the lovely beach at Taughannock Falls State Park is only 15 minutes away.

Schedule of Performances

On Saturday and Sunday, we'll be dancing in Watkins Glen, Trumansburg, Ithaca, and wineries and cideries on the east and west sides of Seneca Lake.

Tour details are still being finalized – times may be tweaked a bit – but the performance schedule will be approximately as follows:


10:00 AM: All tours dancing at Watkins Glen State Park, Main Entrance

1:00 PM: Yellow Tour dancing at Lakeside Park in Watkins Glen

1:00 PM: White Tour dancing at Finger Lakes Distilling

1:00 PM: Blue Tour dancing at Seneca Lake Brewing and Beerocracy

2:00 PM: Yellow Tour dancing at Finger Lakes Distilling

2:00 PM: Blue Tour dancing at LaFayette Park in Watkins Glen

2:10 PM: White Tour dancing at Lost Kingdom Brewery

3:30 PM: All tours dancing at Wagner Valley Brewing Company


11:00 AM: All tours dancing at Ithaca Commons

2:30 PM: Pub Stop at the Atlas Bowl in Trumansburg, NY

List of Performers

Registration Data (due June 11)

Like last year, we would like an online form filled out for each person who is registering as a part of your team.

This online form includes:

  • Each person's name.
  • Age category.
  • Any food allergies or other food restrictions. We will do our best to reasonably accommodate these. The menus for this year’s Dog Day’s Ale are available at
  • Any tour restrictions (e.g., do you need to tour with a particular team to accommodate “cross-dressers”?). The tour schedule will be available at in late June.
  • A link to the shirt order form. You can order multiple shirts with each registration.

Tee Shirt Orders (due June 11)

In the Chinese zodiac, this is the Year of the Dog. In the corresponding rotation of the Five Elements, this year's element is Earth.

This year’s shirt, expertly designed by Susan Galbraith, is based on our 2018 theme Earth Dog. It comes in various sizes and styles. You’ll find pictures of the shirt on the order form:

Past Ales

See the complete list of past Ales to get an idea what this event is (normally) about.